Do you supply blackboards?

Often a business has a board that fits a specific space which they would like to re-use so in this case I am more than happy to clean it up and prepare those boards before I work on them.  Alternatively, I have a great supplier that I work closely with, so I am able to source A-Boards of various sizes as well as other framed boards that will suit most needs – and at sensible prices!

For one off occasions, wedding or business events, I can normally supply the blackboards on loan and simply ask for them to be returned after the event.  Should you fall in love with them and wish to keep them then there will just be a small charge to cover the cost of a replacement.

Do you travel?

I am based in beautiful South Devon but am more than happy to travel for my work if the need arises – just let me know where you are and what you need and we can work out a plan.

Can you deliver?

Absolutely. Many boards are suitable for delivery, but as they are all of different sizes and weights the specific charges will need to be advised when you order.

Can you work on-site?

I am more than happy to work with you at your location and often that is the best way, but I will need a good idea of what you are looking for in advance so that I can prepare designs.  If you have specific logos or images then you should email me these in advance so I can make sure I have everything I need to work efficiently on the day.

How do you maintain the blackboards once completed?

I generally work in chalk pen rather than traditional chalk. This means that the boards are showerproof and generally last for as long as you need them to if they are looked after carefully. However, you should avoid rubbing or spraying them with any cleaners or chemicals as this will eventually rub the artwork away!

Can you give me an idea of costs?

The total cost of your project will take into consideration any preparation, material and travel costs. I will be able to give you a better idea before we agree to start, and will always advise you if anything crops up that will cause it to change. Payment is always due on completion or delivery. I’m sure you understand that as a small business I am unfortunately unable to offer credit.

How far in advance do you need the details of our wedding or event?

The earlier the better!  Especially table plans, although I understand they will probably change daily!  However I do need them at least 3 weeks before the event to ensure I have the time to spend on them – a month would be even better!

The wedding season does tend to be quite busy, so do make contact with me as soon as you have decided to invite me to work with you on your special day.